Sunday, 28 December 2008

Kai Chung Scouts and Bands in the 70s

Remember those 'trumpet trousers' of those days? These 3 heros standing tall with 'trumpet trousers' and hair as long as Roddy Lau could allow. From left: Ling Kie King, ????, Wong Pang Ming
Kai Chung Band: From left - Bass Peter Tang Ing Bing, Drummer Lau Kah Wah, Singer Christina Tiong, Rythmn Wang Chung Liong, Lead Guitar and Singer Alex Wong Pang Ming
From left: Bass Peter Tang, Rythmn and Singer Lau Puon Huang, Lead and Singer Kiing Sie Kuong, Singer Wong Nie Sang, Dummer Robert Orlando Chua

From left: ????, Lau Puon Huang, Kiing Sie kuong, Peter Tang

Kai Chung, Kai Chung - Staff and Graduate Class of 1977

These are from the 70s. When Tang Chok King was the school principal. Old photos bring back fond memories of Kai Chung. We welcome contribution of more photos from ex-staff or alumni of Kai Chung. (Send materials to email - I will upload to this blog for all to enjoy.)

David Tiong's family


David and his family live in Sydney now.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bintangor Friends

Hu Wei Nie of Class 1978 with her 2 daughters.

Yeo Eng Hock of Class 1978.

Peter Tang Ing Bing and Robert Tang Hung Kiong

Peter Tang and Wong Pang Ming

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Red Crescent/Red Cross of Bintangor

We ask for contributions of photos and content from past members and current members.

Aerial Photo of Bintangor

Can someone verify for me if this is an aerial photo of Bintangor. It must have changed a lot since the 70s and 80s.
Click on photo to enlarge.

Streets of Bintangor

Easy going in slow pace....Do you want to retire here?
The courtyard pedestrian mall at the new shopping area.
Ming Hua moved to Sarikei as Hua Hua Restaurant after this row of shops was damaged by fire.
Can you recognise this street?
Tallest building in town but rather under use - hotel built by Bintangor businessman Ting Pek Khiing and named after his father.

Bintangor Rojak

For years, the Wong family stall make good Rojak in town. Many visitors from Sarikei and Sibu drop by Bintangor to taste the famous Rojak at their stall. Where is it? Stall No. 7 Wong Hung Ping next to the Bintangor Post Office, opposite the old District Council Office building.Yum... Yum..Yummy..

Past Principals of Kai Chung

We need contributions of photos and stories on this topic.

Kampua Mee and other foods

Who can forget the Kampua and other local foods?
Milian - a must order dish each time we went back home to visit Bintangor and Sibu.Wontan Soup - Bintangor style
The Gong Bian - Freshly baked Biscults with sesame on top.

Boys' and Girls' Brigade

We need contributions of photos and stories on this topic.

Boy Scouts & Girl Guides

We need contributions of photos and stories on this topic.

Past Volley Ball Matches

We need contributions of photos and stories on this topic.

Green Oranges

Bintangor green oranges are famous in Sarawak statewide. Photos here are extracts from

Basketballers of Bintangor

We need contributions of photos and stories on this topic.

Express Boat Era 快艇时代

In the 70s and early 80s, express boats plying between Sibu, Bintangor and Sarikei were popular. The fare from Bintangor to Sibu was something like 2 Ringgits and to Sarikei - 1 ringgit. After better roads in the later 80s were built people dropped these express boats.
In the 70s-80s, the Chua family (who also operated Hoe Hing grocery shop) and Kapitan Teng Tung Hing operated petrol stations next to the wharves. Ibans came to the wharves in their small boats for daily supplies and to sell their seafood catch for the day.
the humble Bintangor Wharf
Many of these Express Boats are retiring......

Book Stores

Besides the old 宏昌书店 and 良友书店,now we have 一鸣书局 operated by Kiing Sie Ming - Kai Chung graduation class of 1978 and a former 诗华日报reporter.

More information to be added.

Kai Chung Alumni - Graduation Class 1978

Class of 1978 - this Form 5A class photo is so valuable as it brings back so many sweet memories. Photos here are contribution of Peter Tang - now partner of Sibu Rejang Medical.
Click on photo to enlarge
(Sitting - From Left: Lau Ching Hiong,Dayang Moziah,Lena Ngu,Hu Wei Nie,Form Teacher,Lau Puon Huang, Tiong Chek Hang, Wong Lea Kong, Wong King Cheng, Kao Ung Hu, Kiing Sie Kuong)
(2nd row : Kung Chew Ha, Siong Yau Lang,Ngu Lee Huong,Hu Siew Kee, Yeo Nguok Eng,Wong Leh Kiong,Yeo Eng Hock, Ling Kie King, Paul Chin, Moh Hiong Pueh - I cannot remember all names now. Can someone help me by emailing me the full name list for this photo)
(Back Row : Lu Yieng Hao, Poh Seng Kui, Richard Ling Leong Lai, Albert Ngu, Ling Nan Leh, Wong Ming Kiong,Ngui How Ong,Wong Pang Ming, Chan Wa Chiong, Yet Nai King, Ung Sing Hee, Tiong Hai Kwong,Yeo Yu Chung) Oop! I could not find 2 guys. Where were Peter Tang Ing Bing and David Lau Chien Lung? Someone who can help pls email me at

Let me now present you the family of Tang Ing Bing - his children say "Hi, uncles and aunties.....We can't accept that the photo above is older than us?"
Hu Wie Nie and her 2 daughters. To me, this looks more like 3 sisters....Wie Nie has not aged at all!

Methodist Churches in Bintangor

民丹卫理公会开元堂 - is along Jalan Kelupu next to Kai Chung Secondary school. I married my wife at this church on 21st Feb 1987, some 20 plus years ago.
The contact directory of Methodist Churches in Bintangor.

堂会名称 牧者 联络号码
来安堂 Lai Ang Methodist Church 陈燕萍、 084-699337
真元堂 Chin Nguan Methodist Church 黄鳞光、 084-301257
福民布道处 Fu Ming Preaching Centre 黄秀锦(兼)、 084-301257
天元堂 Glide Memorial Church 林玫瑾、 084-691985
福音布道处 Hock Ing Preaching Centre 潘龙莺(兼)、 084-327454
进安堂 Jing Ang Methodist Church 潘龙莺、 084-327454
开元堂 Kai Nguong Methodist Church 彭能顺、刘本纬、 084-693267
来安堂 Lai Ang Methodist Church
马拉传布道处 Meradong Preaching Centre 邱瑞花(兼)、 084-693928
明元堂 Ming Nguong Methodist Church 邱瑞花、 084-693928
明光堂 Ming Kuong Methodist Church 翁慈营、
三一堂 Sang Ik Methodist Church 王子成、 084-301257
新港门布道处 Sing Gang Mon Preaching Centre 翁慈营(兼)、 084-691901
圣光堂 Sing Kwong Methodist Church 黄秀锦、
知恩堂 Tee Ong Methodist Church 林玫瑾(兼)、 084-691985

东南坡布道处 Tong Nan Poh Preaching Centre 陈燕萍(兼)、 084-699337

Kai Chung Now

Time flies and Things change! Many of us spent our teenage years at this wonderful school. How is Kai Chung School now? The current Principal is Ting Pang Keng - Alumni of Kai Chung. Others who teach there include the siblings Yeo Nguok Eng, Yeo Eng Hock. See the Year 2002 school board members and school staff photos.