Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Class 79 Reunion

The Class 79 gathered to honour past school principal Mr Tang Chok King & their beloved teachers who laboured in crafting who they are now. 29 years after they left the school campus, they came together in Sibu to recall those invaluable moments of life between 1974 ~ 1979. They set up role model for many other batches of Kai Chung Alumni to follow.

Mr Loi Suok Hung, always a loving and dedicated teacher we all remember. We hope you have good health and blissful family, Mr Loi.

Mr Tang Chok King, the then school principal for Class 79, gave a speech during the reunion dinner. Mr Tang has aged over the years, so have all of us. Let this memory of Kai Chung years be a good value we can share with many, as we have been truly blessed with those years of education some 3 decades ago.......long long time ago..........

What an impressive photo in front of Kai Chung front gate with the current school principal Ting Pang Keng somewhere in the middle. Anyone who can find out where he is gets a free chocolate from......Pang Keng. lol......

Monday, 19 January 2009

Bintangor: Bird's Eye View

This picture of the 'present' Bintangor was taken from a government development book.
Can you figure out where Kai Chung Secondary School is? The main road right in the middle of the picture is of course the one and only Kulupu Road.
This picture must be taken in the early 1990s becuse the land next to the school is empty. It has since been the site for a new Civic Centre. (Mini size compare to all other towns..)

Remember me? Yek Nai King

Yet Nai King.
Now owner of JCI Hardware in Sibu. Has businesses in Sarawak and Australia.

This pic was taken in 2008 at Kuching Airport en-route to Melbourne Australia.

Lost his contact. But can always call JCI Hardware if you need him urgently for all the hardware supplies to your home building....

Mrs Yong

Mrs. Yong was the Form Teacher for Form 4A in 1977.
"It was a class with many brilliant students"
Very keen to turn up for re-union.
She has retired as a teacher.

Picture taken with her youngest daughter.

This photo was taken in Mid 2008 in a coffee shop in Sibu.
Contact in Sibu 084-336827