Sunday, 28 December 2008

Kai Chung Scouts and Bands in the 70s

Remember those 'trumpet trousers' of those days? These 3 heros standing tall with 'trumpet trousers' and hair as long as Roddy Lau could allow. From left: Ling Kie King, ????, Wong Pang Ming
Kai Chung Band: From left - Bass Peter Tang Ing Bing, Drummer Lau Kah Wah, Singer Christina Tiong, Rythmn Wang Chung Liong, Lead Guitar and Singer Alex Wong Pang Ming
From left: Bass Peter Tang, Rythmn and Singer Lau Puon Huang, Lead and Singer Kiing Sie Kuong, Singer Wong Nie Sang, Dummer Robert Orlando Chua

From left: ????, Lau Puon Huang, Kiing Sie kuong, Peter Tang

Kai Chung, Kai Chung - Staff and Graduate Class of 1977

These are from the 70s. When Tang Chok King was the school principal. Old photos bring back fond memories of Kai Chung. We welcome contribution of more photos from ex-staff or alumni of Kai Chung. (Send materials to email - I will upload to this blog for all to enjoy.)

David Tiong's family


David and his family live in Sydney now.