Sunday, 28 December 2008

Kai Chung Scouts and Bands in the 70s

Remember those 'trumpet trousers' of those days? These 3 heros standing tall with 'trumpet trousers' and hair as long as Roddy Lau could allow. From left: Ling Kie King, ????, Wong Pang Ming
Kai Chung Band: From left - Bass Peter Tang Ing Bing, Drummer Lau Kah Wah, Singer Christina Tiong, Rythmn Wang Chung Liong, Lead Guitar and Singer Alex Wong Pang Ming
From left: Bass Peter Tang, Rythmn and Singer Lau Puon Huang, Lead and Singer Kiing Sie Kuong, Singer Wong Nie Sang, Dummer Robert Orlando Chua

From left: ????, Lau Puon Huang, Kiing Sie kuong, Peter Tang

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